Meter Protection

Leatherstocking Gas Company would like to remind its customers that it is important during the winter months to keep snow and ice from building up on your gas meter.  Your outdoor gas meter and equipment are designed to withstand winter weather conditions, but heavy or hard packed snow and ice on your meter can present a safety hazard.  To avoid problems:

  • Keep your meter clear of snow and ice:
  • Accumulated snow places stress on your piping – damage to the piping can cause a gas leak.  A buildup of ice on the meter can plug the vent and adversely affect the operation of the gas pressure regulator, resulting in a potentially hazardous condition by preventing the flow of natural gas.
  • Never let snow completely cover your meter.
  • Do not shovel or blow snow over top of or against your meter.
  • Take care in using a snow blower or plow near your meter.
  • Never kick or hit the gas meter or its piping to break away built-up snow or ice.  Use a broom to keep your gas equipment free from snow and ice.
  • Do not allow over-hanging ice from the roof or gutters above the meter to fall on top of the meter.
  • In event of an emergency, crews may need to clear access to your meter.  In the interest of your safety, we would appreciate it if you would keep the snow and ice cleared from your gas meter equipment during the winter.  If you suspect a problem or smell natural gas, please call Leatherstocking Gas Company at 800-834-2134.

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