As a convenience to our customers, Leatherstocking Gas Company is providing a list of contractors in our area.

Ace Robbins 570-241-8582 Jerry  
Arctic Bear Plumbing and Heating 607-754-4235 Jason/Evan *
Auchinachie Services 607-722-7234   *
Derrick Muller 570-396-0395 Derrick  
Hartman Plumbing and Heating 607-760-5359 Jeff  
Mirabito Heating 607-729-0668 Vince  
Paul Augenti Plumbing and Heating 607-759-7859 Paul  
Steve Nagy 607-343-5567 Steve  
Wilcox General Services 570-278-2338 Steve  
Thomas' Chimneys and Stoves 570-289-4849 Tim  

* This contractor may be willing to match LGC HWH rebate

LGC does not endorse any particular contractor. You will be entering into a direct relationship with the contractor of your choice and it is important that you review their credentials and qualifications. The contractors listed are not agents or representatives of LGC and LGC does not guarantee or warranty the work of the listed contractors. You are free to choose other contractors and do not have to choose a listed contractor. If you are a contractor and would like to be listed here, please contact us.



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